About Me

Parsa Mesgarha

For the really curious, I've compiled a list of some things that might paint a picture of the type of person I am.

These things bring me joy, and there could be someone out there who has similar interests. If thats the case, message me on twitter as I love meeting new people.

I Like

  • Open source projects. It's fascinating that random people all over the internet are able to come together to change the world.
  • Reading books on my Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Mechanical keyboards. I use a keyboard daily, so it makes sense for me to invest in tools that inspire me to use them more.
  • Doing typing tests on monkeytype. My current personal record is 133wpm.
  • Mechanical watches and G-Shock's. I own a Seiko SNZG13K1 and a G-Shock GA-B2100-1A1. I love how boringly beautiful they are, which makes me feel good wearing them.
  • Vi keybinds, I can't live without them as it simply makes interacting with the computer a joy.
  • Consuming informational content at 2x speed. Video Speed Controller has completely changed the way I watch videos. I of course watch movies and shows at normal speed, I'm not a psycho.
  • Building things from scratch (within my capabilities) before buying it. It's a nice feeling when something has your own battle scars from making some mistakes.