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Book in 3 Sentences

  1. You don't need a crazy amount of professional expertise or funding when creating a business. In fact, it's better if you don't- 9/10 people aren't that bothered to care about the legal things.
  2. Focus on your product/service and your customers - you don't have to be serious all the time, provide that level of human interaction with your consumers at-least and cater to them as much as possible. In the end, it's the consumers who grow your company.
  3. Take matters into your own hands when necessary, adapt to enjoying the journey instead of jumping from A to Z. Business is not a sprint, it's a never ending marathon of losing and learning. The whole point of you creating that business is to make you happy since you're providing a solution. Right? So why bother skipping to the finish line?


Gave me so much insight on someone who ran a business all by himself without all the fluff and nonsense in a book. I was pretty engaged reading it in an hour and learning about his thought process while creating this hobby that turned into a business. One message that was being portrayed throughout it was that we should not be too worried about making a quick buck in business. Think long term and enjoy the ride. The more your business makes the more problems.

How I Discovered It

I stumbled across it by a YouTuber called Ali Abdaal. I saw why not just read it since it's only around 90 pages lol. Really glad I took the small amount of time to do so as it provided me with a clean perspective about running a successful company.

Who Should Read It?

To be honest, anyone who is looking to get into entrepreneurship (of course lol). Actually no, EVERYONE should. There is an ocean of different life advice that can be applied in your own life even if you aren't that keen into starting a business. Furthermore, it's literally less than 100 pages, so there's no excuse for not being able to read it.

How It Impacted Me

  • When I start another business, I will make sure to cater so much to my customers with different human touches that make them feel satisfied with my product or service.
  • It kind of also pushed me to finally write this book note and put it on the internet.
  • Take matters into my own hands because the whole process of learning something is better than just skipping to the finish line.
  • Make sure that if I am going to sell a product or service, that I'm passionate about it as that is what will drive me the most.
  • Become more appreciative about the daily habits I have which have led up to some amazing days.

Some Quotes

You’ll notice that as my company got bigger, my stories about it were less happy. That was my lesson learned. I’m happier with five employees than with eighty-five, and happiest working alone.

There’s a big difference between being self-employed and being a business owner. Being self-employed feels like freedom until you realise that if you take time off, your business crumbles. To be a true business owner, make it so that you could leave for a year, and when you came back, your business would be doing better than when you left.

Yes, it may take longer. Yes, it may be inefficient. Yes, it may even cost you millions of dollars in lost opportunities because your business is growing slower because you’re insisting on doing something yourself. But the whole point of doing anything is because it makes you happy! That’s it!

Anything You Want