Making changes to my posts


Recently I realised that writing posts has become a chore for me. Clearly this is the case as my track record with publishing reflects this. I never wanted this to happen, but as I took on more responsibilities my current writing process was too time consuming.

I'm not a company who writes perfectly crafted blog posts with hours of research put into them. I'm a guy who wants to document what he's interested in for his future self to look back on, and if even one person finds them resonating then that's a huge bonus.

I know no one told me all my posts had to be perfectly written, but I still held myself to that standard just for the sake of it. I took so long just to get a blog post out because I kept caring about silly things no one cares about. It's not like I'm PG to be writing essays.

So, going forward I'll be dumping my thoughts out with stuff that may or may not be interesting to you. Some will be messy, but some might be good, but the point is to just hit git push on new posts without thinking too much of it.

I'm still adhering to my principle of keeping my posts genuine and realistic. There is no end goal to sell you something, unlike those bloated blogs from tech companies that find a reason to over-explain solutions that someone on Stack Overflow has already answered in 5 words.

I want to end up in a state of writing short posts, pretty much like Derek Sivers and people on BearBlog.

Anyways, thank you for reading this far. I genuinely appreciate it.