I joined Google

Hi, I just wanted to make this short post sharing that I've joined Google as a Software Development/Engineering Apprentice!

My official start date is on 6 September 2021 and I'll be taking a 3 month bootcamp beforehand at Makers. Then, when 2022 comes around I'll be working in their head office in London which is pretty cool.

Google start date countdown

Just for some context, I applied back in late June at the last minute and it took 2 months for the entire selection process. It was a bit nerve-racking, but I did learn a lot in the whole interviewing process. I won't go into much detail here, but I'm looking to make a long video or article just breaking down the entire process as there is not much out there for apprenticeships in engineering roles.

Also, since I am doing this for 24 months, I'm deferring my year of entry for university to 2023. I think this opportunity is a once in a lifetime one and I want to take advantage of the position I've been given. I'd still love to learn about Computer Science at University because I'm just interested in the history of traditional tech and the fundamentals associated.

Look out for articles or videos on my channel in the future documenting my experience of working there and what I'm learning. Feel free to follow me on twitter for any additional updates.

Thanks for reading this far, it means a lot :)